Monday, September 3, 2018

She Inherited More Than Just An Old House... Author Rose Titus Speaks On Vampire Trilogy Series


"Night Home"
(The Vampire Next Door, Book 1)

Author Rose Titus

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"So lovely to pick up a well written piece of work and be able to finish it in one sitting..."
-T-Read, Amazon Reviewer

When college student Muriel Aubrey inherits an old house in a small town, she imagines that moving into the rural community will be deathly dull. But the old house once belonged to her eccentric granduncle, a professor said to be researching something mysterious before his untimely death. Then Muriel finds the research notes that had been hidden away in the old Victorian; and she discovers what the professor was researching: vampires.

It isn’t long before Muriel meets residents of the small town who knew the professor almost a century ago, and learns that everything he wrote in the notes he kept is true.

And then she finds herself stalked by a vampire hunter.

A Word From The Author

In the first book, Night Home, a young woman named Muriel inherits an old house that belonged to a relative - a professor - who was rumored to be researching something unusual before he died. She explores the old house and finds his research notes and discovers he was researching vampires. She later meets her new neighbors, and is then inspired to write a supposedly fictional account, which gets published. Unfortunately, the story brings a vampire hunter who causes trouble for her and her friends.

The second book, After Dark, takes place on the west coast, where a community of vampires is attempting to coexist peacefully in society, until a serial killer begins to commit brutal crimes against the innocent. They must find the killer before they are blamed for his terrible crimes. One of the vampires, Rick, meets a suicidal young woman named Laura who asks him to kill her. Instead, he helps her get her life together. Along the way the vampires also become aware of the story that Muriel has written and published as fiction, and realize that it may be based in truth, and wonder if they should attempt to make contact.

In the third book, All the Way to the Moon, Laura - no longer suicidal - has finally found happiness with Rick, until she discovers that her corrupt billionaire father wants to kill her. To escape, she travels across country with the plan to hide out at Muriel's house. She doesn't realize that the hit man her father hired has followed her all the way to her destination. Fortunately, the werewolf who is renting a room in Muriel's house will be there to try and protect her.


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