Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Interview with Author Deouan Wilson

The L.O.V.E. blog is pleased to host an interview with Urban fiction author and playwright Deouan Wilson. In addition to being an author, Deouan is also the owner of Crown Heist Publishing, LLC. located in Ossining, NY. Join in our chat as he discusses how he prepares to write and shares some information about his Crime Drama novel "For the Love of the Trigger" in anticipation of its e-book release in January 2012.

Deouan, how did you choose the genre that you want to write?
I usually don’t choose the genre. My ideas do. I may have a concept in my head that I will expand into a storyline and whatever genre fits the story is the genre that I’ll go with.

Is there a particular author who inspires your style of writing?
I started off as screenwriter, so I’m more inspired by movie directors than other authors. Because of that, I try to be very visual when I write. When I write about a flower, I don’t want you to know just the kind of flower it is or the color, but how it reacts when there’s a gentle breeze or how it stands amongst the other flowers that surround it.

How do your friends and family feel about your writing career?
My family and friends are excited about it. They know how passionate I am about the craft and are happy that I’m making a career of it.

What do you do to prepare for starting a new book?
I prepare by first asking myself, “What do I want to say in this book?” and then, “How do I want it to end?” From there I will create an outline, but I start with the end and write backwards to the beginning. I find by doing that, the beginning justifies the end and the story doesn’t come off as contrived.

What do you want readers to remember most about your work?
I want my readers to remember my characters and their plight because if they do, that means that they’ve made a connection with them.

What are you currently working on?
I’m currently working on a crime drama titled "For The Love Of The Trigger" and it’s actually a testimony. It’s the story of Rucker, a man who was set up by his best friends and spent nearly a decade in prison. During that time, all he thought about was seeking revenge against them. But when he got out, he realized that the only thing more powerful than vengenence was love - love in the form of a daughter who he’s never met and love from a woman who never left his side.

This book doesn’t promote violence and crime, though it is set in the gritty streets of Brooklyn, but shows the other side of crime. It focuses on how our decisions affect our loved ones, it shows how hard society makes it for someone to turn their lives around and most importantly, it shows how love frees us from our past mistakes.

Twitter: @crownheist
Facebook: Crown Heist Publishing Page

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