Thursday, January 12, 2012

Teaser Train: Author T.M. Souders & "Waiting on Hope"

I am so pleased to welcome author T.M. Souders to the L.O.V.E. blog today to share her novel "Waiting on Hope". T.M. is a best selling author who serves other authors as the coordinator of the Read and Review program through the WoMen's Literary Cafe. Her debut novel, "Waiting on Hope" has received several great reviews and is currently in the top 50 Amazon best sellers for Theater and Drama. For more information on this author, please visit her website at Follow T.M. on Twitter @tmsouders and on Facebook.

Ten years ago, Lexie Dodson fled her home in rural Ohio, leaving behind a heartbroken brother and abandoning a devastated fiancé. While chasing her desire of a fast-paced life in the city, and the obscurity of urban life, she is shaken to her very core by an act of violence that leaves her betrayed, broken, and pregnant—and with nowhere to go but home.

Seeking refuge and facing gut-wrenching decisions, she is confronted not only with the past she left behind, but also with a love that never died—a love waiting for something to stoke the flames.
Told from the perspective of four characters, Waiting on Hope will stay with you well after the last page has been turned.

"Waiting on Hope is a book which made me lose a lot of sleep - but it was well worth the journey! " -Norma Budden

"I read Waiting on Hope by T.M. Souders in one day; I could not put it down. This is one of those gems that grab you from page one and will not let you go after you finish reading the last word...I have seldom come across such well developed characters - they give you access to their innermost feelings, you find yourself thinking alongside with them as they work out their fears and hopes and problems - you literally feel what they are feeling in any particular scene." -Maria Snell

"Waiting on Hope is a book about resilience and healing, about the power of love and the healing power of hope; it is a book about forgiveness and second chances, about lifting yourself from the ashes with the support of the ones that love you unconditionally - all wrapped in a phenomenal plot that is an absolute triumph. It is impossible for me to do it justice in my review - you just have to drop whatever you are doing, buy it and read it, because this is one book you will not want to miss. Seriously." -Maria Snell

"I was truly drawn in by the depth of emotion Author T.M. Souders displayed in her story Waiting On Hope. It was a read I found difficult to put down and when I did it was on the forefront of my thoughts." -Amy Manemann, author


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