Saturday, February 18, 2012

FEATURED ARTIST: Barbara Owens - Voice Actor, Writer, Blogger

The L.O.V.E. blog is so happy to feature voice actor, writer, and blogger Barbara Owens as a special guest today. Barbara is the talented voice actor who breathed life into "Keisha", the battered housewife and member of the main friendship trio of the "Love & Wrath" series.

Barbara's voice portrayal of "Keisha" can be heard in its entirety in the complimentary audio series accompaniment to "Love & Wrath II: Confessions" or CLICK HERE to hear a sample.

Read below to see what Barbara had to say about becoming "Keisha".

What was your first impression of the character that you portrayed?
In Keisha, I saw a woman whose love or desire for love lead her to a dangerous place. She was someone that needed to be surrounded by faithful people that she could trust, especially after having her love abused.

Can you see any similarities between you and the character?
Yes, I felt a kinship to Keisha. I, too, was one of those women that had to start life anew after a traumatic relationship. Her resilience in such daunting circumstances was very familiar to me.

How did you prepare to record your voice over?
I read and re-read the material, putting myself into the character’s shoes in an effort to visualize how she would say each line. Then I used my children as sounding boards. I’m sure I annoyed them with my constant “Does this sound real to you guys?”.

Would you like to continue to do this type of voice acting in the future?
Yes, this is something I would very much like to venture further into. I’m currently taking professional vocal lessons to further prepare myself for this type of work.

What personal projects are you working on right now?
I’m currently the submission editor for the "Poetry Corner" of the Kingdom Connection magazine. This has been a great opportunity to read what’s on the hearts and minds of Christian poets. On the writing front, through pen name CreatedtoInspire, I am creating and intertwining several short stories into a book. These stories will center around the lives and relationships of African-American couples in the South. 

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