Saturday, February 25, 2012

FEATURED ARTIST: M. Roc Perine - Voice Actor, Photographer, Aspiring Writer

The L.O.V.E. blog is happy to feature voice over actor, photographer and aspiring author M. Roc Perine. M. Roc is responsible for bringing life to one of the most controversial and loathed characters in the "Love & Wrath" series - "Steve". "Steve" is the abusive husband of character "Keisha" and M. Roc masterfully captures the anger and arrogance of this character in the audio series accompaniment to "Love & Wrath II: Confessions". Click HERE to listen to a sample.

Read below to see what M. Roc had to say about becoming "Steve".

What was your first impression of the character that you portrayed?
After reading the script, I had no doubt that he was an a-hole. His diabolical and utterly selfish approach to life clearly indicates that he has major mental issues. He’s anger-driven in my opinion. It's terrible that he resembles the state of mind of many men of today who glorify the sinister, violent life.

Did it bother you to portray such a controversial character?
Since I was raised in a community where these types are plentiful, it was easy to emulate the way this character should sound (accent, vocabulary, style). Playing the character didn’t bother me because I’m a professional, however, it was a sad transition into this type of person. I think "Steve" is what happens when a boy grows up not knowing love.

How did you prepare before starting to record the script?
Well, I had recently gone through dealing with an emotional break-up. The ending of a 17 year relationship put me in a dark place for while. Some of what I read in the script related to my own situation so, even though I'm better and stronger now, I was able to dig up that anger, frustration and feeling of vengeance that I felt before my healing. What you hear in the audio is a bit of true emotion mixed in with a little acting.

Would you like to continue to do this type of voice acting in the future?
Of course I would love to do more voice acting. Actually it isn't a new career choice as I’ve been pursuing it seriously for a few years now. On my Youtube channels (Ceshorts & mrocperine), you can hear me having fun on the mic with a few of my personal projects and soon, some of my professional ones. Come check it out as I will continue to put updated projects on those channels.

What other projects are you involved in?
Well, I’m involved in a collaboration inspirational book with G.E. Johnson and I'm writing an inspirational book geared toward both men and women who have to deal with infidelity, loss, and recovery.  It should be ready for release by this summer. Also, I’m working on a 12 episode animated series with co-creator Ron Kanyama that will start official production by 2015. As a side business, I'm taking part in the Organo Gold movement and I'm offering a healthier alternative to coffee and tea drinkers. You can get more information about this movement here:

Thank you M. Roc for stopping by the L.O.V.E. blog and much success to you in the future!!


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