Monday, April 16, 2012

Guest Post with Author S.M. Boyce: "The Grimoire" Pendant Comes to Life!

Hey gang! I’m thrilled to be sharing some awesome news with you, and I’m so grateful that G. E. Johnson let me kidnap her blog for the day to do it. You may remember me from when I was here last month on my Hidden World blog tour promoting my novel, The Grimoire: Lichgates. To those of you who participated and won some of the hundreds of dollars in prizes, thanks for making that tour so epic!
So today, I’m here with awesome, Grimoire-related news I think you’ll really like. Because we of the modern era like information to be fast and furious, I made this quick video to tell you what all the fuss is about:

There’s a lot of buzz around the pendant, and I’ll fill orders in the order they’re received. That means it’s really best to act as soon as you know which pendant you want. For all the ordering info, head over to the pendant’s page on my blog.
Thanks again for having me today! You’re all amazing and I can’t thank you enough for reading Lichgates. You’re making all my geeky little dreams come true.

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Friday, April 6, 2012

FEATURED ARTIST: Antoine Beane - Filmmaker, CEO, Voice Actor

The L.O.V.E. blog is excited to feature Filmmaker, CEO of Phomello Filmworks, and Voice Actor Antoine Beane. Antoine is responsible for bringing to life the beloved male protagonist of the "Love & Wrath" series - "Marco". "Marco" is the best friend and neighbor of "Lily" until things heat up between them, taking their relationship from friendship to a little something more.

Antoine captures the suave, romantic tone of "Marco" in the character audio series accompaniment to "Love & Wrath II: Confessions". Click HERE to listen to a sample.

Read below to see what Antoine had to say about becoming "Marco".

What was your first impression of the character that you portrayed?
My first feeling was HONOR. Marco is a popular character to readers so when G.E. asked me to voice him, I was like, “Wow, GOD please, please, please don’t let me screw this up!” lol I felt that way because of the impression of him just being an all around good person. He’s strong, a thinker, professional, and not shy about positive emotional expression. A lot of those traits people, unfortunately, do not see with African-American males in many mainstream books, tv shows or films. With G.E., the depth and range of how she writes brings the emotion and gives these characters a true sense of realism; her style and approach give them a universal appeal.

Did you have any reservations about portraying such a popular character in the series?
ABSOLUTELY NOT! "Love & Wrath" is an amazing read and I knew I wanted to be a part of the follow up project(s) in some way. It was only when she asked me to do the ‘voice’ of Marco that I was speechless, which is very rare! Lol After the initial shock, everything was fine.

How did you prepare before getting into character?
I really just tried to feel the emotion that G.E. put into this character and went for it. Marco is a man of conviction. He knows who he is and his focus is his strength. When I was able to channel that - wow…it just flowed. I PRAY that readers who listen to the audio can feel that as well.

Do you have any interest in doing voice acting again in the future?
YES! I’m officially HOOKED on voiceover work! I know a few people that actually do it as a job, but I never considered doing it myself until the "Love & Wrath II" project. If I get the opportunity again, I'm definitely GOING IN! lol

What other projects are you currently working on?
Well, I’m a filmmaker. My company, PHOMELLO FILMWORKS just finished a documentary called MISSION CONTROL with a rock band out of Memphis, Tennessee. We've done the film festival thing and have been very blessed with that. I also do music videos, viral vids, and work on several reality shows: "Kitchen: Impossible", MTV’s "Real World", "Who Do You Think You Are?" and several others. For the next project, it would be AWESOME to do a feature film. I don’t know…LOVE & WRATH III perhaps? Hmmm…