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Recommended Read: Review of "The Beautiful Evil" by Robbi Bryant

Welcome to my L.O.V.E. Recommended Read Feature! I started this weekly feature in order to share books that I have had a chance to read recently. A few things you should know - 1) Every book that I feature has been actually read by me. 2) I read books from lots of different genres so you'll see a mixture of stories. 3) I do not get paid for my reviews, nor do I do them by solicitation. Most of these authors won't know about my posts until they are already live on the blog. So, are you ready for another good read?

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"The Beautiful Evil"
Author: Robbi Bryant
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Book Synopsis:
Constance Sartone Jacobson never recovered from the sudden death of her father when she was only five. Devastated by her husband's death and the scandal that ensues, Constance's mother, Madeline, does little to comfort her scared and lonely daughter. With nowhere to turn, Constance protects herself by closing off her emotions. 

Through vivid dreams and daytime visions Constance's father calls to her from a horse-drawn stagecoach. These visions help Constance cope with her humdrum life and failing marriage. But things are about to change. On a business trip with her husband, she purchases an antique Greek vase. Upon opening it, a stream of purple light hisses from the vase and a tribe of wasp-like creatures pour out. One of the creatures shape-shifts into a ravishing fairy and offers Constance a way out. Desperate to feel anything, Constance listens to the fairy's advice. 

But as her confidence grows, she begins to make all the wrong decisions, catapulting her into a web of lies and deceit. As her life spins further and further out of control, Constance finds herself starting into the abyss forced to make one final heart-wrenching decision. A roller coaster ride into chaos of a personal hell, The Beautiful Evil is a captivating psychological thriller that will keep you questioning reality until the ultimate final act.

MY REVIEW: Stunning Psychological Thriller - 5 Stars
This story is deeply disturbing and stuck with me a few days after I finished reading it. That is why I am rating it 5 stars! Rarely have I come across a psychological thriller that explores a character's psychosis in such a vivid way that I felt like I was living in the character's mind. This is what author Robbi Bryant accomplishes as she takes us along for the manic journey of Constance, the main character of this book.

The mythological aspect of the story adds an extra layer of interest, but I think that with or without this layer, Constance was poised to suffer through a terrible psychological break as she seemed on the edge from page one. This characterization makes the story highly believable despite the fantasy spin. As a bonus, there is plenty of action, suspense, and truly frightening moments to keep you turning pages rapidly to the end. I highly recommend this for fans of Stephen King type novels.

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