Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Feature: Review of "Malaika" by Van Heerling

Welcome to the L.O.V.E. Saturday Feature! I started this feature last week in order to share books that I have had a chance to read recently. A few things you should know - 1) Every book that I feature has been actually read by me. 2) I read books from most genres so you'll see a mixture of stories. 3) I do not get paid for my reviews, nor do I do them by solicitation. Most of these authors won't know about my posts until they are already live on the blog. Ready for another good read?

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Author: Van Heerling 
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Book Synopsis:
A middle-aged man with the crushing weight of his American past seeks peace and a simpler like in rural Kenya. Armed with only his smokes and coffee, he discovers a friendship with the most unlikely of friends - a lioness he rightfully names 'Malaika' ("Angel" in Swahili). But she is no ordinary lioness nor is he an ordinary man. Between them they share a gift, but not all embrace their bond and some seek to sever it. Discover this new world rich in human truth and sensibility.

MY REVIEW: Poignant Love Story of a Different Sort - 5 Stars
"Malaika" is a poignant, poetic love story of a different sort. Instead of the complexities of human relationships, the author explores the relationship between man and wild beast as illustrated through the story of Thomas, the American turned Kenyan transplant, and wild lioness Malaika who he encounters on the outskirts of the Serengeti. This place that Thomas has chosen for his retreat from a troubled life in America is well described and one can easily feel the heat of the day and breathe in the exotic smells of the things mentioned throughout the story. Overall, what appears to be a dangerous, even life-threatening meeting, turns into a friendship and spiritual connection between man and beast.

Though this story is on the shorter side in length, it has an infinite depth because of the heavy issues that it subtly introduces to the reader for contemplation. Prejudice, ignorance, social rejection, the need for acceptance... these are just a few of the points of contemplation that you can glean from "Malaika", a magnificent big cat who turns out to be a teacher for mankind. My only complaint is that I wish the story was longer because there was so much potential to expound on the complex issues of the book. However, there is a brilliance in the length as it leaves the reader to construct his own ideas and solutions rather than provide room for a detailed guide from the author.

"Malaika" is available on AMAZON for Kindle & in Paperback. Don't have a Kindle? Get the FREE Kindle app HERE and start enjoying ebooks for your phone, computer, etc..

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  1. Truly a magical book written by a master story teller.