Saturday, December 1, 2012

Books Make Great Gifts! My 7 Picks for Week 2 of Great Reads

Are you trying to figure out what to give those special someones for Christmas? or maybe for a birthday during this holiday season? Do you know someone who loves reading? Do YOU love to read?

Give or enjoy for yourself the gift of FANTASY, ROMANCE, ADVENTURE, MYSTERY AND SO MUCH MORE with A GREAT BOOK!

Each week I'll be featuring GREAT READS for the holiday season from every genre. Take a look at my WEEK 2 PICKS and grab a few for yourself or for that special reader in your life.


           Amazon UK             Amazon UK             Amazon UK               Amazon UK
               NOOK                                                NOOK                       

Amazon UK             Amazon UK           Amazon UK

**Most books listed are available in paperback and through Amazon DE, FR, ES, IT & CO.JP**

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