Thursday, February 7, 2013

YAWN... This Is One Book That Will Put You To Sleep!

The L.O.V.E. blog is ecstatic to share the latest release from highly regarded Psychotherapist and author Keri Nola "44 Holistic Tips For Peaceful Sleep".  Keri's latest self-help resource debuted at #1 on Amazon's Hot New Release list in the Sleep Disorders category and #3 in the Mental & Spiritual Healing category. "44 Holistic Tips..." has also maintained a top 100 paid ranking in the Sleep Disorders book category as well as the Kindle store Religion & Spirituality category since it's debut. 

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In this book, Author and Holistic Psychotherapist, Keri Nola, offers a collection of 44 diverse, holistic tips, tricks, and techniques that support you in discovering and relieving the environmental, emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and energetic influences keeping you from peaceful sleep.

Are you tired of tossing and turning, struggling with unfulfilling sleep? Have you tried everything you can think of to help yourself get a good night's rest with no success? If you are ready to empower your sleep cycle with simple, easy to implement ideas, this book will be the resource guide you return to night after night to get the rest you deserve and desire.

44 Holistic Tips For Peaceful Sleep will benefit people who:

-appreciate natural remedies for resolving sleep challenges
-have difficulty falling asleep
-have difficulty staying asleep
-experience restless sleep
-feel tired upon waking
-have low energy at points during the day
-fear bedtime because of a history of sleep difficulties
-have difficulty relaxing the mind at bedtime
-have difficulty relaxing the body at bedtime

"Hail to Keri Nola for introducing us to the many holistic alternatives to modern sleep aids; simple, thought-provoking, step-by-step tips that many people will be trying for years to come. 44 Holistic Tips For Peaceful Sleep is a perfect companion for anyone who wants to bring peace and tranquility to bedtime rituals. Lovely!" ~Chonteau Blake McElvin, Certified Health Coach, Personal Herbalist and Author

"Quality sleep is essential to vibrant health, but few of us know what to do when we aren't getting it. Keri Nola gives us a solid foundation of basics then offers a long list of holistic, alternative and therapeutic options that promote relaxation while empowering the soul. Read this book before you even think of taking medication to sleep! ~Paula Renaye, Award-Winning Author, Living the Life You Love

"Very succinct! Sleep is vital to life, more important is the quality of your sleep. Keri provides you with a garden path for a relaxing, mindful journey to healing through sleep. Your quality of life depends on it." ~ Dr. Kendra Pomeroy

 ABOUT THE AUTHOR Keri Nola is a highly regarded Psychotherapist, Author, and Founder of Path To Growth, LLC, an integrative healing center based in Central Florida. She combines traditional and holistic modalities to create products and experiences that help people reconnect with their authenticity, reclaim their power, and live the lives they deserve and desire. Her real life experience paired with her extensive education and work background makes her a compassionate, balanced, and sought-after professional in the areas of personal and spiritual growth and development. She lives in Orlando, Florida and finds herself most peaceful when painting, playing in her herb garden, and relaxing by the water. 



  1. Thank you for featuring my book today!! I look forward to meeting your community of readers and supporting their peaceful sleep. Sweet dreams, everyone! Blessings, Keri

  2. I found your great blog through the WLC Blog Follows on the World Literary Cafe! Great to connect!

  3. I found your great blog through the WLC Blog Follows on the World Literary Cafe! Great to connect!