Tuesday, August 27, 2013

AUTHORS: Reach 2X the Readers in BRAND NEW Seasonal Promotion Offer

Hello fellow authors! Last year my book promotions page (Book Promotions International) partnered with The Serious Reader to offer seasonal promotion of your books to the readers who are a part of our networks. We truly enjoyed sharing your books across social media and we had a lot of fun connecting with lots of new authors! We enjoyed it so much, in fact, that we are doing it again this year and WE'RE STARTING EARLY.  With the influx of new authors and books available this year, it's important to start making yourself visible as early as possible to take advantage of the holiday buying season. We are committing ourselves to begin NOW helping you spread the word about your work and we're making it very simple for you to take advantage of this offer.

The Serious Reader (TSR) and Book Promotions International (BPI) have teamed up to offer an affordable DAILY FEATURE promotion for authors! We want to help you get your book titles in front of new readers and potential new fans. Here’s what we’re offering:

FEATURE PACKAGE - $25/Daily per Book
·       * Twitter promotion through both the TSR & BPI accounts including links to your book on Amazon US, UK, and Barnes & Noble if applicable (minimum 6 tweets)

·       * Facebook posts on both the TSR & BPI reader pages as a FEATURED BOOK OF THE DAY including book cover, buy links, ranking, and short blurb

·       *BONUS* Your book will be promoted through the BPI reader page as a SPONSORED POST, a paid option through Facebook that allows more readers to see your book post!

To register for a Daily Feature Package, please pay $25 via Paypal to gejohnson77@comcast.net (make note of the TRANSACTION NUMBER) and then complete the registration form below. Payment is required in advance in order to guarantee your promotion spot and is NON-REFUNDABLE. If you have questions or concerns, please use the contact form HERE. THANK YOU & WE WISH YOU MUCH SUCCESS!

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

BOOK FEATURE: 7 Things Singles Should Accomplish Before Marriage by Nathan Salter @NathanSalter

The L.O.V.E. blog is excited to feature Minister, Musician, and Author Nathan Salter and his popular debut book "7 Things Singles Should Accomplish Before Marriage." In Minister Salter's relationship guide, he shares his wisdom on seven areas of life that Christian singles should focus on as they prepare themselves for marriage. Read more about this modern guide for the Christian single below!

So many people are anxiously looking to find that special someone and get married, but many have failed to see how marriage takes more than love. It requires work! Singles love the idea of marriage, but sometimes have no real expectation as to what it actually takes to make it successful. Inside "7 Things Singles Should Accomplish Before Marriage," you will discover seven things that singles should push to accomplish during the season of singleness. Many who are married have confirmed that accomplishing these seven things will make any individual better equipped for a successful marriage and Minister Salter is sharing this wisdom with singles around the world.

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Also Available for NOOK

Wisdom Splashed with Humor for the Modern Christian Single - 5 STARS
7 Things... is filled with sound, practical advice for Christian singles who are seeking to be married one day. Elder Salter addresses some of the greatest obstacles that couples, both Christian and non-Christian, may face and then offers easy-to-follow advice on how to prepare for and even avoid those obstacles. From money to family, he covers every topic with great examples and anecdotes in a fashion that is not preachy in any way. I laughed out loud several times while reading and I really enjoyed the relaxed, easygoing pace and tone of the book. This is a definite read for anyone considering marriage who wants to increase their odds of success by arming themselves with wisdom first.

Minister Nathan Salter's seminars on Singleness have touched thousands of listeners worldwide. His heart to help and show singles how to enjoy their season of singleness before marriage has made him a sought after speaker. He has conducted seminars on singleness through the U.S. and Canada and administers a Facebook page where singles worldwide gather to communicate, encourage each other, and be inspired.

 Connect with Minister Salter today!