Tuesday, August 27, 2013

AUTHORS: Reach 2X the Readers in BRAND NEW Seasonal Promotion Offer

Hello fellow authors! Last year my book promotions page (Book Promotions International) partnered with The Serious Reader to offer seasonal promotion of your books to the readers who are a part of our networks. We truly enjoyed sharing your books across social media and we had a lot of fun connecting with lots of new authors! We enjoyed it so much, in fact, that we are doing it again this year and WE'RE STARTING EARLY.  With the influx of new authors and books available this year, it's important to start making yourself visible as early as possible to take advantage of the holiday buying season. We are committing ourselves to begin NOW helping you spread the word about your work and we're making it very simple for you to take advantage of this offer.

The Serious Reader (TSR) and Book Promotions International (BPI) have teamed up to offer an affordable DAILY FEATURE promotion for authors! We want to help you get your book titles in front of new readers and potential new fans. Here’s what we’re offering:

FEATURE PACKAGE - $25/Daily per Book
·       * Twitter promotion through both the TSR & BPI accounts including links to your book on Amazon US, UK, and Barnes & Noble if applicable (minimum 6 tweets)

·       * Facebook posts on both the TSR & BPI reader pages as a FEATURED BOOK OF THE DAY including book cover, buy links, ranking, and short blurb

·       *BONUS* Your book will be promoted through the BPI reader page as a SPONSORED POST, a paid option through Facebook that allows more readers to see your book post!

To register for a Daily Feature Package, please pay $25 via Paypal to gejohnson77@comcast.net (make note of the TRANSACTION NUMBER) and then complete the registration form below. Payment is required in advance in order to guarantee your promotion spot and is NON-REFUNDABLE. If you have questions or concerns, please use the contact form HERE. THANK YOU & WE WISH YOU MUCH SUCCESS!

Book Promotions International - Facebook & Twitter
The Serious Reader - Website , Facebook & Twitter

Disclosure & Disclaimer: Book Promotions International is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. Book Promotions International does not in any way guarantee sales through any of its promotions. Promotion packages are geared toward exposure for the author which may result in sales, but sales are not guaranteed.

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