Sunday, September 8, 2013

Queen In Me Blog Tour Featuring An Excerpt From "Glamour Girl" by Author Megan Mottley

 The L.O.V.E. Blog is thrilled to feature Author Megan Mottley and her Christian Inspirational "Glamour Girl." Megan is the Founder and Creator of The Glamour Girl Movement™ and has spent several years working as a licensed esthetician and freelance makeup artist. Megan observed that women were putting more effort into enhancing their outer beauty and neglecting the most important aspect of true glamour – INNER BEAUTY. Megan launched The Glamour Girl Movement™ in January 2011 to encourage women to embrace beauty from the inside out.  Megan believes that when women take a deep look into their proverbial mirrors they are apt to discover their life purpose and can experience a life of freedom. Read more about Megan's "Glamour Girl" (including an excerpt from the book) below!

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"Glamour Girl: How To Get The Ultimate Makeover" takes a fresh look at a woman’s need to feel and look beautiful not only in the sight of man but most importantly in the sight of God. Beauty was created by God, therefore, in the midst of all the cosmetics and beauty rituals are biblical principles. "Glamour Girl" teaches women how to recognize the beauty that God has given them and how to utilize this special gift. This book takes beauty rituals to another level by teaching women the spiritual and practical applications of makeup.

Author Megan Mottley also explores and explains the biblical book of Esther. Before becoming queen, Esther had to undergo a very rigorous beauty treatment that lasted 365 days! Readers will quickly recognize why Esther’s portrayal of beauty, strength and courage make her a true Glamour Girl and the perfect example for women to follow. By the end of this book, the reader will acknowledge the need to look and dig deeper to find purpose in their beauty and beauty treatments, just as Queen Esther did.

READ AN EXCERPT from the book HERE


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