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WANTED: ARC Reviewers for Visionary Fantasy MOGOLLON by Author Sandy Nathan

Advanced Review Copies (ebook edition; may lack a final proofread and/or its final cover) are NOW AVAILABLE for upcoming release MOGOLLON: A TALE OF MYSTICISM & MAYHEM by award-winning author Sandy Nathan. Read on to find out more!

Expected Release Date: January 1, 2014

Will Duane owns the tech revolution.  It’s 1997; Will’s been the richest man on the planet for twenty years. He can sway governments and ruin lives. Will’s latest mission brings him into conflict with all that’s holy. He and his corporate hot shots reach their destination, a Native American spiritual retreat. Their luxurious motor homes enter the Mogollon Bowl, a geophysical anomaly where anything can happen. Now Will can spring his trap.

Grandfather, the powerful shaman leading the retreat, seeks a world where love is king, a world of peace and harmony. This vision has haunted him all his life. His corporate guest is the key to making his vision real. Grandfather knows exactly what Will Duane wants.

A malicious force steps into the action. Both men’s hopes are dashed, as a sacred place becomes the playground of evil. A malevolent power tries to claim their lives and souls. You won’t forget this modern day fable, a high-speed, high stakes fantasy with visionary roots.

FICTION / Fantasy / Contemporary                                                        
FICTION / Visionary & Metaphysical
FICTION /  Fantasy / Paranormal

Praise for Mogollon: A Tale of Mysticism & Mayhem 

Mogollon: A Tale of Mysticism & Mayhem is one of those books that transports you into a mystical world where the supernatural is eminently believable. The story sucked me in to the point I had to pinch myself on occasion to reassure myself I was safe in my chair. Mogollon is about nothing less than the battle between the forces of light and dark — in the real world and in worlds that feel incredibly real though they stretch the imagination way beyond its normal boundaries. With unexpected story twists and characters that I keep wanting to know better and better, Mogollon is sheer enjoyment, page after page after page.  
Laren Bright
Award-winning television writer
 Co-author of Golden Voyages, a spiritual children’s book

Sound like a story you might enjoy? Submit your information below and an e-ARC of MOGOLLON will be forwarded to you in the format of your choice in exchange for your honest review.

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WORLDWIND BOOK FEATURE + GIVEAWAY: "The Intangibles" by Monte Dutton

The L.O.V.E. blog is excited to host author Monte Dutton and his controversial tale of triumph THE INTANGIBLES. Monte Dutton lives in Clinton, South Carolina. In high school, he played football for a state championship team, then attended Furman University, Greenville, S.C., graduating in 1980, B.A., cum laude, political science/history. He spent 20 years (1993-2012)wriing about NASCAR for several publications. He was named Writer of the Year by the Eastern Motorsports Press Association (Frank Blunk Award) in 2003 and Writer of the Year by the National Motorsports Press Association (George Cunningham Award) in 2008. His NASCAR writing was syndicated by King Feature Syndicate in the form of a weekly page, "NASCAR This Week" for 17 years.

Monte Dutton is also the author of Pride of Clinton, a history of high school football in his hometown, 1986; At Speed, 2000 (Potomac Books); Rebel with a Cause: A Season with NASCAR's Tony Stewart, 2001 (Potomac Books); Jeff Gordon: The Racer, 2001 (Thomas Nelson); Postcards from Pit Road, 2003 (Potomac Books); Haul A** and Turn Left, 2005 (Warner Books), True to the Roots: Americana Music Revealed, 2006. (Bison Books); and is an Editor/Contributor of Taking Stock: Life in NASCAR's Fast Lane, 2004 (Potomac Books). The Audacity of Dope, 2011 (Neverland Publishing) was his first novel, and Neverland recently published his second, The Intangibles. Another, Crazy by Natural Causes, is in the works.
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It’s 1968. The winds of change are descending on Fairmont and engulfing the small South Carolina town in a tornadic frenzy. The public schools are finally being completely integrated. Mossy Springs High School is closing and its black students are now attending formerly all-white Fairmont High; the town is rife with racial tension. Several black youths have been arrested for tossing firebombs at a handful of stores. White citizens form a private academy for the purpose of keeping their kids out of the integrated school system. The Ku Klux Klan is growing.

Reese Knighton arrives on the scene at precisely the right time. The principal of Fairmont High School, Claude Lowell, becomes superintendent of the school district. Lowell chooses Preston Shipley, currently the football coach, to replace him as principal and hires Knighton to coach the team, thus forcing Knighton to find common ground with Willie Spurgeon, the successful Mossy Springs coach who has been passed over for a job he richly deserves.

At The Intangibles’center is the Hoskins family, their relationships to those living within the town of Fairmont giving rise to a memorable cast of characters. Tommy Hoskins is a local businessman and farmer who is a supporter of the team, on which his older son, Frankie, plays. Frankie’s best friend is Raymond Simpson, who lives in a shanty on the Hoskins’ farm. Another of Frankie’s friends, Ned Whitesides, is a spoiled bigot. Clarence “Click” Clowney is the talented, rebellious quarterback from Mossy Springs. Al Martin is the staunch black tackle who becomes the glue that keeps the integrated team together. Twins James and Joey Leverette are the sons of professors at local Oconee College. Curly Mayhew coaches rival Lexington Central. Laura Hedison is a white cheerleader. Jorge Heredia is a tennis player at the college who sells drugs on the side. Aubrey Roper is a college girl who exerts a corruptive influence on Frankie Hoskins. The county sheriff, a turncoat within the team, Ned Whitesides’ father, the loyal assistants, militants both black and white, a doctor, a lawyer, local businessmen, and others all add fuel to the fires of prejudice and fear of the unknown that are raging in the town of Fairmont.


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Volume 2 of "Discovering The Shepherd" NOW AVAILABLE

I am so happy to share that volume 2 of "Discovering The Shepherd: A Study of Psalm 23" is now available. **SPECIAL DEAL** Purchase volume 1 and receive volume 2 absolutely FREE! Because the book should be read in sequence, volume 2 will not be made available for sale separately. However, check out the sneak peek below to give you an idea of the information packed inside.

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Welcome to volume two of the Psalm 23 study! We’ll be picking up with the second part of verse two.

Psalm 23, Verse 2
“He leads me beside the still waters.”

In the second part of verse two, King David continues on to describe another action of Jehovah as Shepherd over his life. Upon first reading this passage, we easily gather that David is being led to a place next to waters that are calm and still. However, as we saw in the previous volume of this study, there is much more to discover about these verses when we look at the original text. So, let’s take a deeper look.

“He leads me beside the still waters.”

“leads” - nahal (Hebrew transliteration) – v. 1) to lead with care; 2) to give rest; 3) to refresh (as with food)

1) To Lead With Care
As we look at this first definition of “lead,” we find that our heavenly Shepherd guides His sheep and directs us in the way that He wants us to go. Not only does he guide us, but he does so with patience and gentleness, insuring that we are safe and in good condition. This reinforces some of the things that we discovered in volume one of the study. Here again we see that God is not using force against His sheep to make us comply. Instead, He leads with a gentle hand of protection. His actions are borne from love and we as His sheep should respond in loving obedience. This loving interaction is the very nature of the Shepherd/sheep relationship.

2) To Give Rest
When thinking of how we use the word “lead” from day to day, this particular definition may seem a little odd. We normally do not associate leading with giving someone rest. However, when you consider the first passage of verse two (“He makes me to lie down…”), we find that God’s leading in this second part is simply a continuation of the peaceful rest that we discovered in the first passage. Though He is leading, and as His sheep we are engaged in the act of following, we are still at rest as we do so. Only through God can we accomplish being in action AND being at rest at the same time!

This sort of active rest is just one of the benefits of being under the yoke of God. (See Matthew 11:30) As His submitted sheep/followers, we allow God to use His authority and power to lead the way while we remain at rest in Him. Does that mean that we never take action? No, not at all. It simply means that we do not try to plot our own paths nor do we run ahead of God and try to forge our way with our own strength. The Shepherd goes first for a reason! It is His job to clear the path of obstacles that can harm His sheep and to scare off any vicious animals waiting to attack. When we get anxious, or leave our state of rest to run ahead of God, we put ourselves in danger.

3) To Refresh (as with food)
So far, we have discovered that the Shepherd’s leading involves His gentle, loving guidance and peaceful rest for His sheep/followers. In this final definition of “lead,” we find yet another benefit – a refreshing! To refresh means “to give new strength; to reinvigorate,” but this particular reinvigoration involves God feeding His sheep as a part of His leading. What does this mean exactly? Consider John 6:25 – “Jesus replied, I am the Bread of Life. He who comes to Me will never be hungry, and he who believes in and cleaves to and trusts in and relies on Me will never thirst any more (at any time).” (Amplified)  Here we see that Jesus is our bread so as He leads us, we are feeding on Him!

We know that we are not literally eating his flesh, but rather we are being refreshed, strengthened, and reinvigorated by His love, grace, joy, wisdom and all the other attributes of His righteousness. Here is where we begin to really understand that our Christian journey is just as important as our final destination. Yes, there are many wonderful blessings waiting for us at the place where God is leading us to, but being able to partake of His fullness on the way there is an invaluable gift. Take time to enjoy the Lord as He is leading you!