Friday, July 4, 2014

Superbly Crafted Novel By @CritKincaid Explores Power of Art, Empowerment of the Strong


"A Wounded World"
Crit Kincaid

**Highly Rated - 5 Stars!**
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"Kincaid's writing reads well, his story is poignant and his characters have depth." -Claude Bouchard, International Best Selling Author

This is the story of Normal Steves, a talented young artist who moves in with his grandmother at River Gate, A Living Community for the Terminally Ill.

“A strange young man, indeed,” said Shu, the old gardener who was really a doctor. “He’s like that graveyard cat, who hunts mice amongst graves at night and occasionally ventures out into the bright light of the living world. But even then, he stays in the shadows, avoiding contact, forgetting that his natural place is with the living and not with the dead.”
“Sí! La vida no debe rondan a los muertos.”
The old man looked to his Hispanic friend and nodded.
“My friend, Mr. Rosalis…”
“…agrees, ‘The living should not haunt the dead.’ I fear bringing that boy to this place was a mistake."

And the story of Koren Shaw, the pretty and popular girl who, rising above her once shallow view of the world, must teach Normal that there can be life after death.

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