Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Adventurous Tale of Loss, Obsessive Love By Raine Parsons Only $0.99 For Kindle, Nook


Raine Parsons

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"...perfect amount of adventure, drama and some erotic moments" -Lucinda, Amazon Reviewer

Everpearl is an adventurous tale of loss, obsessive love and self determination. When Becca Riggs, an average Midwestern girl, working as a park ranger, is involved in a freak boating accident, she finds herself on the shores of another realm. A harrowing world of timeless beauty, matched by unequaled violence and brutal repression, perpetuated by an evil ruler against the gentle people of Everpearl. Becca soon finds that she is the center of attention and is quickly befriended by a handsome, but soft spoken man named Abel and a sweet humble boy named Joah, who help to steer her away from the dangerous pitfalls of Everpearls archaic customs.

Becca is found on the beach by a group of men and Abel, the best looking man she has ever seen and Joah, a boy that she takes under her wing like a little brother. She is summoned to the village of Dawns Retreat, where the vile king, Phoenix tries to take possession of her. Dawns Retreat is under the domination of Phoenix and his sons. Here she also meets Meno, a man who is aggressively attracted to her and is Abel’s greatest challenge for Becca’s attention. Becca learns to deal with each one of them, either by matching wits, the power of persuasion and sometimes improvising with her own body. She does have concerns about her own behavior. She easily succumbs to the use of violent actions to get her own way. If that doesn’t work she is not too shy to use her own seductive charm and sex as a tool to get what she needs.
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