Thursday, August 14, 2014

Author @JFoshia Takes Readers On A Hot And Steamy Shifter Ride In Rescuing Dani


"Rescuing Dani: The Celestial Mating Series"
Jenny Foshia

**Book 2, Stand Alone**
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"...action packed, interesting, intriguing and hot!" -C.J., Amazon Reviewer

Dani had been working herself to the bone since her sister, Brielle, was saved a few months ago. She foolishly thought that by working so hard she would be able to ignore the attraction she had that was pulling her to Ryan and Adrian, her sister's mates' best friends.

Ryan couldn't stop thinking about the hot redhead he had met when he helped his buddies save their mate. Her perfect body played a starring role in his dreams every night, but she refused to accept the inevitable. Adrian tried to work through his thoughts of the gorgeous auburn hair beauty that was Brielle's sister. The woman was perfect for him, if only she would stop fighting it.

When they are all together at a house party to await the birth of Brielle, Max and Cole's twins, they realize Dani's life is in danger. Will Adrian and Ryan rescue Dani from the rival pack in time to save her life, and hopefully begin a new life together, with her? Or will they be too late?

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