Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Author Kara Stefanowich @Karakazoo Tackles How To Kill What's Already Dead In 5 Star Horror Novel


Kara Stefanowich

**Highly Rated 5 Stars!!**
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"...original style of writing takes you into another world just beneath our own. She shows you the darker side and balances it..." -Christy B., Amazon Reviewer

After years of recluse, Ivy Stone, an angry heavy metal musician living in the dangerous city of Springfield, MA. gets more than she bargains for in her search for band mates when she gets a gig at a violent night club and catches the attention of Hostage, a masochistic metal band with a blood lust and a front man who’s mastery is in death and vengeance.

Just when Ivy thinks her life has finally taken a turn for the better, she discovers the horrific secrets of her new band mates, but her discoveries didn’t stop there. In finding the truth about her mysterious new crew, she also discovers a shocking and unknown truth about herself. As the dust settles, mysteries of times long past catch up to the present with demons, werewolves, vampires and a powerful amount of witchcraft chasing close behind. When Alexander, a demon with his feet set firmly in both worlds of heaven and hell, targets Ivy yet again as the key to ruling the world, the only way to save the universe from utter destruction and stop the raunchy murders of Ivy’s soul is for Ivy to fall in love with the right monster and solve the longest waiting riddle of all times, how to kill what’s already dead. In a dangerous adventure filled with rip tides of heavy metal, mind numbing sex, heart pounding terror and an eternity of red hot madness, Ivy and her eternal love, Kane, bull doze their way into your adrenal gland with unexpected twists around every corner in my new novel, ‘Hostage’.

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