Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Author, Teacher Kathleen Eakins Takes Readers Through Twisty, Emotional Maze Of Teen Heroine


"The Family Web"
Kathleen Eakins

**Great Addition To A Teen's Library*
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"...expertly walks you through the realities of a young girls twisting emotional maze" -L. Floyd, Amazon Reviewer

Born into a life of darkness, brutality and laws that were set down long before the world was filled with unnatural light, Justice is the most desired rumor the underworld has ever known. A young and beautiful killer, Justice is loved and desired by any man who witnesses her. Yet one fatal night, her talents betray her and she’s forced to leave the only life she’s ever known and venture into a world of light.

Changing her appearance and name, Justice is forced to live a “normal” life as a high school student; things get a little easier when she falls for a guy named Dan. But when the underworld needs her and she’s called back to the world of darkness and service, will she choose to stay in the life of the light, a life with friends and love, or continue with the life she was trained for, a life of power and pain?
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