Monday, August 25, 2014

Creepy, Twisty TOP 10 Ghost Story By Wade Joseph Le Fevre Prompts Readers To Leave Lights On


Wade Joseph Le Fevre

**TOP 10 Ghosts & Haunted Houses**
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"...story is very descriptive and tells you many little details that make your hairs stand up!" -Suleika S., All About Books

Claire Correa seems to have it all. She's married to the love of her life, she has two beautiful kids, and they just bought their first house. To Claire it's a dream come true. But in reality nothing is ever as perfect as a dream and the house comes with disappointments. Her neighbors are all old women who have lived in the same houses for decades, she continues to make little headway with her moody, introvert stepdaughter, and to make the house livable they sink every last dollar they have into the place.

Claire takes these in stride, knowing their problems are shared by millions of other average Americans. But what these other average American home owners don't share with Claire is a malevolent spirit that already resides in the house when they move in. An ancient evil that wants something from Claire in return for it's hospitality. Will Claire be willing to pay the price and make the ultimate Covenant?
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