Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dramatic Thriller By @Miranda_Bowden Takes Readers Through 3 Days Of Horrific Circumstances W/ Caitlin


"Caitlin: Who Is She & Who Are They?"
Miranda Bowden

**Highly Rated at 4.2 Stars**
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"...a thriller, suspenseful, action, don't know whats gonna happen next type book" -D. Holvay, Amazon Reviewer

A lost and starving teenager, a binge drinking drug addict mother, and a million secrets. Caitlin is a dramatic thriller that takes the reader through three days of horrific circumstances that all lead back to an unforgiving woman run organization mixed up in the lives of the elite.

Caitlin, the story’s main character, has lived with her unexplainable nightmares her whole life only to now find out they’re true. Finding her mother’s diary reveals a life Caitlin never imagined, a life surrounded by lies, evil, and underhandedness delivered by many who were close to her. As she sets out on her quest to discover who she really is, and where she got the six inch long scar across her neck, she quickly finds out that someone else is hoping to get revenge against the same people who hurt her...someone who has known about Caitlin her whole life and the terrifying life she has had to live.
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