Friday, September 12, 2014

Author Pete Feehery @LevelOnLevel Explores The Future And Distant Past In Engaging Discourse


"The Ransom Chest"
Pete Feehery

**Highly Rated at 5 Stars**
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"...discourse regarding America’s roots and struggles for identity in a world which is always hostile"

The Ransom Chest, A Story of Secession and Civil War provides a journey both into the future and distant past engaging in discourse regarding America’s roots and struggles for identity in a world which is always hostile to a free individual. Exploring who we are from the perspective of where we might be heading and from whence we came, the reader has the opportunity to ponder many facets of life including the responsibilities and perils of living in freedom. In a world divided into rigid ideological and political camps, we create intolerable situations for many that result in our transgressions against one another.

Perhaps a controversial and yet consequential work, the Ransom Chest tells the story of people caught up in the American Civil War and their experiences of the aftermath, while richly describing the life of a nineteenth century carpenter and a family of farmers whose lives become intertwined in circumstance. One can taste and feel the experiences of life in that era and the rite of passage of people learning about life, love and the skills of their trade.

Concurrently, one has the opportunity to experience life in the same manner in the 2060's of the future in the same part of the country, including the rite of passage and the distinct classes that have emerged in the newer society. People have grown restless and a powerful oppressive government has taken hold, causing their lives to be forever changed by the interruption of the clouds of another civil war. The Ransom Chest is full of surprises and twists and turns.

The story pays tribute to the soldiers and veterans who must fight these wars and gives some vivid descriptions of some of the nightmares the soldier faces after living through such difficult experiences; a world where the innocence of possibility has been removed. Like all who have lived through horrific trauma, the soldier longs to return to the world of before and the familiarity of those they love, only to find the transition extremely difficult. Many veterans have told their stories and long for others to understand.

The author was never a soldier nor a veteran, coming of age as Vietnam ended. Having the luxury of not having faced the perils of soldiering and their aftermath and discussing these nightmares with numerous veterans, the author hopes that as someone on the outside who couldn’t possibly understand, who has made every effort to try to understand, might have the ability to succinctly tell part of the story in such a way that others who couldn’t possibly understand, might come to understand.
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