Friday, September 5, 2014

Family Secrets Are Exposed In @Author_ThomasJr Contemporary New Release


"The Secrets That We Keep"
Thomas A. Whiting, Jr.

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"The Montgomery family was the cornerstone of what a family should be to everyone looking in. But as they always say, looks can be deceiving. Even in a family, there is a breaking point; a line you don’t cross. The Montgomery family has crossed that line and now there is no turning back.

Richard Montgomery Jr, who was the ideal son to everyone, did what he was supposed to do for his family, even at the sake of his own happiness. What price is he willing to pay for his own happiness and his own piece of mind?

Thelma Montgomery, who was the centerpiece of the family, kept them together and she did,no matter the cost. There were no ifs ands or buts, as far as she saw it.

Angelia Montgomery finds out that there is a big difference between getting what you want and wanting what you have. And Angelia’s greed for more will soon be her downfall because there is always a price to pay either way. At what cost is she willing to take that chance?

Each of them has a secret they wish never to reveal, but secrets are almost never always kept hidden; they will at some point show themselves."
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