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Hilarious Sea Stories From Author @David_Griffiths Featuring Quigley, Navy Photographer


"The Misadventures Of Russell Quigley"
David Griffiths

**Highly Rated at 4.3 Stars**
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"Funny, funny, funny! One of the most entertaining books I've ever read..." -Ed C., Amazon Reviewer

Looking for a funny book? This is it! This is funniest book you will ever read! Action, Adventure, Entertainment, and Laughter: What more could you want? The Misadventures of Russell Quigley is a collection of hilarious sea stories woven into the fabric of Russell's life as a navy photographer. It will remind you of, "No Time For Time for Sergeants" and "Mr. Roberts."

Russell Quigley was born afraid. He spent a lot of time hiding out behind the garage to avoid his father's explosive temper. Russell tried to please his father, but seldom got it right. He was rewarded with a lightning fast slap on the side of his head. He learned to follow the rules. And, if he had to follow the rules, you had to too.

After an epic battle with a school bully, Russell became a bit of a paradox. He was still afraid, but he would stand up to anyone. Russell developed a sharp tongue and achieved a black belt in verbal karate. Warrant Officer Butz put it this way: "Quigley, you are the most arrogant, condescending, self-righteous bastard I ever met." You would not expect Russell to have any friends, but he was the champion of the underdog and the leader of the ne'er-do-wells.

He had his first captain's masts before leaving boot camp, he had two more at Airman Prep School, and then on to photo school where he prayed that the Navy didn't have a limit. Russell had a captain's mast at Treasure Island, a stop-over on his way to Barbers Point, Hawaii, his first duty station. He accidentally set the barracks on fire. He didn't mean to. You see, well, there really isn't enough space here to explain; anyway, it's in the book.

The Funniest Story in the Book
Many readers have told me that "Fat Pat" is the funniest story in the book. Fat pat hated the Navy and wanted out. She was trying to get a morals discharge. Remember, this was the fifties: A man wasn't a man unless he could brag about his conquests, but a woman was eligible for a morals discharge if she had sex with two men in the same century. Surprise! It is not surprising that Russell had 12 captain's masts and a hearing for a summary court martial in his first four years. What is surprising, is that after a few years as a civilian, he came back for more.
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