Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Author @NancyChurney Tells Tale Of Battered Mother Seeking To Protect Her Son And Escape Abuse


"Fade To White"
N. Churney

**Highly Rated at 4.5 Stars**
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Nicole is a young mother struggling. Trying to keep her and her young son, Jacob, safe from the terror that is her husband, Chaz. Frightened, she devises a plan to get away from this abusive man. Chaz has other plans, he believes that Nicole is his. If he can't have her then nobody will. After one eventful night, Nicole is struggling for her life in an ICU unit. This was the event that catapulted her into her new life of freedom. Or so she thought. 

With Chaz not taking her new found freedom very well, she enlists the help of her friends, Janet and Trevor. Together, they help her find a new place in this world. Introducing her to Shawn, she is instantly drawn into him. Their connection is hard to deny, even for Shawn. With the threats of Chaz always lurking around her, she decides to go deep into hiding. This is the only way to keep the ones she loves safe from the madman she was once married to. Her seclusion introduces her to new friends, new opportunities, and a new life. Too bad she can't forget Shawn. He haunts her even when Nicole is awake. 

Giving into her wants, she let's Shawn back into her world. Only to discover that by letting someone from her past back in, causes a door to open. Welcoming in the good and the bad. Nicole decides that it's time to put an end to the harassment from Chaz. This is her final straw! Nicole formulates a plan to get her freedom from him, for good this time. The truth becomes lies, and the line between reality and dreams become too thin to see. Who are her friends and who are out for her? Can she stay strong enough to fight, or will she Fade to White?
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