Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New Release From Author Paul Sanders Details Hammer Killing Trial From Perspective Of Juror 13


"Brain Damage: A Juror's Tale"
Paul Sanders

**5 Star New Release**
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On January 14, 2009, at approximately 2:36 AM, Marissa DeVault put a hammer in her husband's head, Dale Harrell, multiple times. Was he the victim of a cruel and heinous act or was this the result of years of domestic violence that eventually took its toll?
This incident took place in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona. It would be five years before this case of capital murder would be put in front of a jury to decide the fate of Marissa DeVault although the fate of Dale Harrell had been set in stone. Was she a cold, calculating murderess or was she the victim of extreme domestic violence and rape at the hands of an abusive husband?
The jury was left to decide. I was Juror 13.
The middle class suburbia household had four potential witnesses under the same roof at the time of the assault. Their three children were in the adjacent bedrooms and a fourth witness entered the room at the final swing of the hammer. Did the children hear or see anything? Did the witness who entered the room at the time of the assault have something to hide? Fact: there was a gun located within mere feet of the woman accused at the time of the attack. Why didn't she choose the gun? Why would she choose a hammer to kill?
The questions for "we, the jury", were simple. Was the killing premeditated or was this n act of self-defense? Was the killing done for financial gain and was the act cruel and heinous? Should the defendant pay for her crime with her life or should she be incarcerated for life, with or without parole?
This is a story of a trial with twists and turns that include a millionaire "Sugar Daddy", a strip club bouncer hired as a hit man, a "Psycho-Killer" hired by the prosecution...and, most importantly, a private and privileged insight of the children of the victim...and the assailant. This is not only a crime story of suspense and intrigue, it is also the story of a juror who unexpectedly finds justice and redemption in his own life as the trial gets to the deeper question of determining the fate of the defendant.
In this story, I was a Juror. However, I will remember it as more than that. This story will live within me; it is part of me. I am not just Juror #13. I am a friend to Dale Harrell. I know that I brought, with eleven other jurors, the justice that he deserved.
In the end, you may find that you feel the same way...


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