Saturday, December 20, 2014

Romantic Suspense By @MarshaRWest Thrills Readers With Blackmail, Intrigue, and Love


"Truth Be Told"
Marsha R. West

**Highly Rated at 4.8 Stars!!**
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"If you like tension, emotion and danger, you'll enjoy 'Truth Be Told.'" -Jerrie, Amazon Reviewer

Needing a peaceful Christmas visit with her Fort Worth family, Meg Bourland is shocked to discover someone is blackmailing her father. When he rebuffs her offer to help, the Atlanta SWAT team member enlists her LA police officer brother and his former partner to uncover the truth. She fights her attraction for Scott and the immediate tug to her heart cause by his sacrifice. But her life is in Atlanta, and his is in California.

Scott McClaine, medically retired homicide detective, came to Fort Worth to recuperate from life-threatening bullet wounds he received saving the life of Meg’s brother. Hard enough to accept his new physical limitations, but they make him unacceptable for strong Meg. Regardless, he commits himself to helping her stop the blackmailer. Working closely with her, a bond forms. Could she feel the same?

In the search for truth, they uncover pieces of the puzzle, which threaten to ruin her father’s career as mayor and destroy the family she holds dear. Will Meg and Scott find their way through the maze of family secretes? Will they find the strength to make the sacrifices required for real love before the blackmailer makes good on threats to kill?

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