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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Alien Life Forms, International War Lead Plot In SciFi Adventure From Author @RonTownsen


"Watcher In The Fall: Connections"
Ronald Townsen

**Highly Rated at 4 Stars!!**
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"...confluence of international intrigue and major interstellar events are both creative and engaging" -Dave, Amazon Reviewer

When an ancient race living on the edge of the universe energizes a unique pattern, an advanced super black program U.S. DARPA math team suddenly becomes the focal point of one of the greatest events in human history. Action erupts from the collision of two universes driving the ancient race to flee, scattering races deeper into our universe with the destruction of galaxies; while an intrigue based game of chess pits the U.S. with the Russians and Chinese in a deadly underground war to protect the greatest secret in human history. While the deep black program BELLOWS team is tapping into communications across the universe gathering the answers to long held question; new technology is being derived from highly advanced M theory while the team is attempting to protect the United States from deadly attacks ranging from Al Qaida to the Russian Mafia and the Chinese Triad.


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