Thursday, March 26, 2015

Book 3 Of Christian Fiction Series By @BrigetteManie Tackles Propriety In The Church With Humor, Romance


"An Appearance of Evil"
Brigette Manie

**Book 3 Pioneers in the Pulpit - 5 Stars!!**
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"...Mannie is an amazing Christian romance writer. She keeps you on the edge of your seat with her humorous story telling." 
-Paula G., Amazon Reviewer

A believer that God is no ‘respecter of persons’ and that the gospel must be preached in ‘all the world,’ Pastor Carolyn Lane has no problem witnessing to all and sundry. The members of her church, Salt Spring SAB, have a lot of problems with her all-inclusive attitude, though.

When Carolyn begins visiting the Bare to the Bones nightclub with regularity, her two busybody members who live down the street are scandalized. Soon the church is abuzz with the news that their pastor visits a disreputable place. Carolyn explains until she’s breathless that she’s only giving Bible studies to the owner, Ash Donaldson. She’s mystified that the church members don’t seem to desire spreading the good news of Jesus. But as things become clear, Carolyn realizes that their resistance to winning sin-sick souls stems from those souls being mirror images of their own lives. Pastor Lane sees that healing and conversion need to begin in the sanctuary before souls in the street can be won to salvation.

As if her job isn’t hard enough, an inconvenient attraction stirs between her and Ash. She struggles to fight it and constantly reminds herself that this delicious handiwork of the Creator is a soul for Jesus and not for her. Now Pastor Lane must be careful that her witnessing act, which only appears evil, doesn’t really become evil.

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