Sunday, March 29, 2015

Novel From @KCLPublishing Tells Story Of Vlad The Impaler And The Women He Loved


"Hearts On Fire: Vlad The Impaler
And The Women He Loved"
Rayna Kingston & Helena Lancaster

**Book 1 Passion of the Dragon Saga - 4.7 Stars!!**
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"It is both elegantly seductive and tragically romantic and it will leave you breathlessly awaiting the next edition." 
-Amber B., Amazon Reviewer

A warrior, a prince, a legend…
An unknown story of two sisters and how fate entwined them both to love the same man.

His name has been whispered into legend as Impaler. Before he was the legend, he was Vlad conquering more than Turks but hearts. He unexpectedly met and fell in love with two sisters. What he didn’t realize was that he would not be able to live without either of them.

A story of love, passion, war, betrayal, and murder.

When twin sisters, Erdenia and Erzs├ębet meet Vlad Drakul, they would never realize how their world would be turned upside down. Vlad wants to find a bride, but how will he choose between the sisters when he has fallen in love with them both? Could it be possible for him to fall in love with both women equally? Would the sisters be able to live with his decision? Watch as this love triangle spins a new story about Vlad and the two women he loved.

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