Monday, April 27, 2015

Inspirational Romance From Author Arlene James Brings Divorced Couple Back Together After 25 Years


"A Familiar Love Song"
Arlene James

**Hobby Run Series Book 1 - 5 Stars!!**
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"...James works her magic with great characters... traditional inspirational romance" -Herman, Amazon Reviewer

The breakup of a marriage is traumatic for all involved, and even twenty-five years later the ramifications can be huge, especially if secrets remain untold, issues unresolved and wounds unhealed. Both Wyatt and Maggs think they've moved on until they're brought together again by a battle of the bands contest, of all things. The attraction and feelings are still there. They're both older, wiser and Christians now. Yet, the failures, secrets and pains of the past follow them into the present. Maggs knows that her mistakes and secrets could well doom her second chance at love with only mans he's ever wanted, but she's driven to make right what she did wrong in the past. For Wyatt, Maggs is like that unforgettable old love song that he could never get out of his mind or heart, the one he just keeps hearing, singing and playing over and over again––until he discovers just how deep her betrayals have been. Faith has brought him from the brink of alcoholism and her from the edge of despair and madness, but can it produce the supernatural kind of forgiveness necessary to let love thrive? And will the disappointment waiting for them destroy all the progress they've made, alone and together?

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