Monday, July 20, 2015

Fantasy Adventure From @RESheahan Navigates A World On The Threshold Of Destruction


"Storm of Arranon Fire and Ice"
R.E. Sheahan

**Highly Rated at 4.5 Stars!!**
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"...a colorful, imaginative adventure story with enough subplots to always keep things interesting.-William W., Amazon Reviewer

A dark evil rises. A world on the threshold of destruction. A crossing into a mysterious realm. The journey begins.

Newly commissioned Interceptor fighter pilot, Erynn Yager, knows sacrifice. Her battle against a brutal alien enemy intent on destroying her two worlds set her on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, all while struggling to gain control of her secret abilities. With the alien threat crushed, Erynn believes the worst is behind her. She settles in to experience first love and a changed life on a hidden military base deep inside a glacier covered mountain on Arranon.

Her peaceful existence can’t last.

Dhoran, the evil sovereign of Arranon’s underworld has risen from the dead to possess an unwilling human. Dhoran’s powers grow while he plots a war that may plunge Arranon onto a path of destruction neither realm will survive. Arranon is pulled into chaos as violence spreads across the planet.

Drawn first in visions, Erynn enters a diverse world beneath Arranon’s surface, a realm teeming with danger, mystery, and beauty. The battle thrusts her into an uncharted kingdom, intensifying her connection to the heart and soul of the living Arranon.

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