Sunday, February 14, 2016

Author Felix Alexander @ForeverPoetic Tells A Sad Yet Beautiful Love Story About Unrequited Love


"The Romantic: A Love Story"
Felix Alexander

**Highly Rated at 4.6 Stars!!**
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"An interesting premise, but also incredibly sad and thought provoking..." -Writer's Digest

The Romantic is a love story about friendship, passion, and the echo of unrequited love.

Hadriel Alighieri has harbored a secret love in his heart for his entire life. It began in his youth, when he fell in love with his best friend, Sophia Paula. After Sophia leaves for America and is later betrothed to Joshua Abrams, Hadriel is devastated, but he is a hopeless romantic.

In the winter of his life he is haunted by the memory of Sophia Paula. When the Angel of Death comes for Hadriel, the journey begins. From his deathbed, he travels to the day he fell in love. He retraces the steps of his life in search of his unrequited love. For she too harbors a secret love in her heart. But what begins as a journey to fulfill a promise turns into a discovery of the only emotion that defines our lives.

Did she wait for him?

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