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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Author Jmarie Combines A Poignant Love Story With Passionate Poetry In Unique Debut Novel


"Alpha Omega and the Chapters
In Between"

**The Alpha Years**
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Jackie was cute, young, naive, somewhat immature, fun loving, and had no worries of any real importance. At age 16, her only concern was the fact that it didn't appear that anyone was going to ask her to the high school senior prom.

Trey was tall, handsome, not immature by high school standards, and already had some grownup responsibilities. At age 18, his only concern was the fact that he had to grow up fast and needed to begin his life.

This story describes an Epic love brought on by a mere phone call. Their paths were predestined or were they? It all depends on if you believe in that type of stuff, doesn't it? This is a story of love, disbelief, and assumed betrayal, all seen through the eyes of two young people who made an attempt at grownup emotions. A true love story doesn't exist without secrets - secrets that both tear up relationships and secrets that hold them together.

Two young individuals trying to handle grownup emotions, responsibilities and situations.

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