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Friday, February 19, 2016

Entertaining Contemporary Romance From Author Carole McKee @CaroleMcKee Leaves Readers Smiling


"Kisses From The Heart"
Carole McKee

**Highly Rated at 5 Stars!!**
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"...romance and just enough excitement to keep you up at night." -KDK, Amazon Reviewer

Mindi Adams is a feisty fun-loving pretty young woman, who is quick witted and sharp tongued at times. After catching her boyfriend cheating she packs his things and ousts him from her home. She is fine after he goes, realizing that although the relationship was comfortable, there were no fireworks. Her entire life changes the night of the storm, when a prison bus is forced into a swollen creek and overturns, releasing twelve prisoners. One of them is in Mindi's house! 

She is terrified at first, but soon realizes that he is not the monster she believed him to be. In fact, she believes he is innocent of the murder charge that convicted him, and she becomes determined to help him prove that innocence. She helps him devise a plan and in the process falls in love. Something goes wrong and he is captured and taken into custody. Now Dan has the proof he needs but it is ignored, until the entire city goes into an uproar.

Eventually the real killer slips up because of the pressure and duress and Dan is freed. He does not go back for Mindi right away, because he wants to have something to offer her. She about gives up hope, but Dan arrives just in time, and they share kisses from the heart.

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  1. Covet your cover. Is this your newest?

    1. No, Jim. Actually, it's one of my older books. I made that cover. It looks a lot better here and on my computer than it does on Amazon. Thanks.

  2. Congrats, Carole! Read the book and loved it, too. Pinned & shared.

  3. Thank you for featuring one of my books on your site.