Friday, February 12, 2016

Slice Of Life Story From Tricia Shiu @TStewartShiu Gives Readers Inside Look Into Entertainment Industry


"Please Hold"
Tricia Stewart Shiu

**Highly Rated at 5 Stars!!**
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"In a world where books keep getting longer but without more substance, this book proves you don't need 800 pages to tell a good story..." -Pamela C., Amazon Reviewer

25 time award-winning author, Tricia Stewart Shiu's New Adult novel PLEASE HOLD, Winner of Best Unpublished Manuscript at the Southern California Book Festival and best first Chapter at the WildSound Festival, offers an insider’s look at the world of high-level studio executive assistants and one woman’s struggle to make sense of it all. Has she come a long way, baby? Only Mary knows.

Not only does PLEASE HOLD offer a rare glimpse into the world of top tier gatekeepers, it also serves as a reminder that spirituality comes in many forms and no one should judge another before knowing the full story. Everyone’s journey to her own truth is layered and we all choose our path based on the highest form of guidance available. As we grow, so does our guidance.

In this quirky slice of life story, Tricia Stewart Shiu, draws from her extensive experience as a veteran, high-level executive assistant at one of the top six entertainment studios in Los Angeles.

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