Thursday, February 11, 2016

Suspense, Romance, And The Church Come Together In Great Read From Author @BrigetteManie


"Known By His Fruits"
Brigette Manie

**Book 6 Pioneers In The Pulpit Series**
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" made me laugh, cry, and learn to appreciate God even more-Cleo H., Amazon Reviewer

Wilderness SAB Church needs a new roof and boiler. Pastor London Jones has her hands full, trying to raise the funds fast to do these things before winter sets in. Structural problems aren’t the only kind in Wilderness. London finds that the sin problem exists there as well. Grappling with these, she must also deal with a troublesome first elder, Nehemiah Garrett, and a taciturn head deacon, Shaun Farrington.

Both men want her out of Wilderness for different reasons. London may be small but she possesses a strength that is not easily shaken. She’s not about to let either of these men take her down.

While Shaun is a gruff and moody man, London sees glimpses of another person beneath his rough exterior. Against her will, she begins to see more than the ogre in him. Unknown to her, Shaun is having second thoughts, too. The feisty midget fascinates him.

When Nehemiah and the other elders try to take London down, Shaun stands against them. In doing so, he risks exposing a secret that both he and London have been guarding. London doesn’t want him taking that chance, but he won’t allow her to place her livelihood on the line to protect him. Can they save her job and shield his secret, or must they sacrifice one for the other?

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